Le Minerale Water Run 2017: Eat Right, Drink Right, Move Right

Le Minerale Water Run 2017 5k Medali

Well, hi people! It’s been awhile but I am here starting to blog again. Deciding to share a little bit of my life story in our beloved blogsphere realm. I wish I still had my loyal readers here.

Not going to tell you about what has been really going in my hiatus phase, in this update I am going to share you my experience taking part in a sport event. Not that athletic sport, only a running event.

So I took part in Le Minerale Water Run 2017 yesterday, 26 November 2017. It was not really all that “wow” I thought I would get as it was not my first time to be part of some others running event.

Move Right, Eat Right, Drink Rght

This event was presented by Le Minerale, a mineral water brand which is still kinda new I guess, and also supported by IDI (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia). The event promotes Gerakan Indonesia Sehat with three pillars: #EatRight, #DrinkRight, and #MoveRight.

The running was divided into two categories: 5k fun run and 2k family run(but I saw them only walking). The 5k run was also divided into two sub categories: regular and shooter. I took the regular one.

The regular one only doing a basic run for 5 km distance and the shooter 5 km runner take a water gun to shoot some silly “water men” at some obstacles.

2k family run

The race took start and finish at fx Sudirman and begin at 6.15 am. Guess what? I came late. No wonder actually. I arrived as just the running began so I just jump off of the Transjakarta halte and join the race. Hahaha.

It was my first event since the last one I participated so long ago in 2016. I had a problem in the middle of the race. There’s a part under my lung and above my tummy that was hurt so badly.

They say it is normally happened for newbie, for the one taking long time break from the running habit. And yeah I did. Before Lebaran, running was my new hobby and new habit. It’s healthy, cheap, and fun.

Yeay! Finish!

So I took a slow run and fast walk to reduce the hurt I felt. Then start to run again after I didn’t feel any hurt again and reached the finish! Yeay!

There was something strange and tickling my mind in the finish line. So before the finish there was an obstacle called “water curtain”. So there was a gate with water raining out of it and all the runners should get through it.

I mean, the brand itself sells mineral water. Water is such an important thing to have, to be kept, to be drunk, to keep our bodies hydrated, and stay healthy.

While there are many people in areas cannot get decent water to drink, here we are throwing some water to waste. Don’t you think it’s a little bit selfish only for the sake of fun? Share your thoughts on the comment, guys.