In a world like this...

Whoa it has been such a really long hiatus. Probably I had visited the dashboard of this blog but ended up doing nothing. I guess the fact that writing is not just about imagination but also logical thinking has been attacking me badly.

With what happened recently and also still happening now in our beloved country, I am feeling pessimist like almost about everything. All those political agenda is just nothing to me. I am more into a harmony. A balance life where people from every races can go hand in hand. Where religion is something that is crucial enough not to be objectified.

Thinking about this makes me really want to turn back the time. I was so young. I was so pure. Optimistic and believed in everything. Now I am so vulnerable with news and information surrounded our daily. Watching television had me puke, scrolling through social media got me wondering how was life before, and talking to people also not my thing because having the right person in a deep conversation is not something I can have every day.

A senior comedian stated in a talk show, "What recently happening in Indonesia is that we all are repeating a history. We were living in individualistic life before colonization. Then Western came and exploited every thing until we had idea of independence after realizing that if we go together to kick them off, we can really do it. We've been living together in peace but not that peaceful because to make 250 million people unit is not easy. So yeah we are repeating history."...

Well, that's all I can say after this long vacuum of power phase of my blog. I wish everything much better ahead. Aamiin.