Birthday Recap: White Chocolate, Green Tea Biscuit, and Pokemon Go


Yep, I had birthday 2 days ago, 7 August. What a not-really-my-thing as it-never-been-my-thing it was though someone made it special last year. I know deeply that people get excited when their birthdays are around the corner. Having a day spent with family and close friends, and even inviting the whole bunch of relatives, partners, friends into the house. Could you imagine that?
Well, yeah. That is a normal thing which is also a normal thing for me if my introversion and financial are on stable condition.


Birthday messages from some good friends.

The older I get, the wiser I wish I could be. And I am still not but I am on my way to get on that phase. Having a birthday means that our time left living the life reduced a year. And the fact that we do not know how many years we are going to have ahead, it's frightening me. It really intimidates me what if I do not have chance to even starting all of those plans I have. It scares me that I will have no enough time to fulfill my desire, do valuable things, having fun, and chasing my dreams.

White Chocolate and Green Tea Biscuit...

And the current money-less period got me really can not even treat my friends. Ah, I'm so ashamed. Not really to be ashamed as it has been me to never remember someone birthday and giving present. I am sorry and seriously, guys. Do you remember when was the last time I bring a present? It is almost 'Never'. But you guys still give me all the meaningful simple thing like White Chocolate and Green Tea Biscuit.

Green tea biscuit.

White chocolate covered raisins/cashews.

Green Tea is my new favourite flavour. It started when the last Job fair I attended providing the job seeker with a bottle of Matcha(Green Tea in Japanese) Latte beverage. Was having a really hard day and ended with a peaceful feeling by drinking this, Alhamdulillah. What about white chocolate? I like it. It is good. But the chasews inside it is magical. Oops, hyperbola. But, small taste good food makes other foods better. Who does not like almond? Raisins? Inside chocolate? Yummy. Thanks Mute, Thanks Kae.

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go!

And Pokemon Go is awesome. I know it was released earlier for some countries and maybe it is not a suit time for aw-ing while almost the whole world has already aware of. This game makes my childhood memories back. The imagination of owning such beatutiful fantasy creatures in our hands is now real. Not that that real. But still for a fantasy world admirer it is fascinating. I've already catch Pidgey and Charmender, btw. Hehe. I know they both are not rare. But they often showed up in the cartoon. Yeay.

Birthday Wishes?

Oh, I think I reclaim my 20 birthday: Get a new job, stay on a good track, and start making my own money from my earned money. Hung up on my forehead.That's it.