Pinterest, A Simple Place to Save Your Idea and Interests

Pinterest home created by your own interests.

Do you need a site where you are able to share almost everything? We have facebook. You're tired of having too much unnecessary posts on facebook? Migrate to twitter. Do you need something like facebook but something more private? Path is the answer. You need a social media only to share your photos? Go install instagram.

But is there any social media which posses ability to categorize what we have liked into a folder? Do you need a social media that save links you're going to read later? Or do you demand a place you can use as an inspiration source? The answer of these three questions is
Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Pinterest icon

Pinterest is an application where you can find so many ideas for every things you are interested in in pictures form. Simply install the Pinterest from google playstore for you all the android user and apple store for iOS user. Then, register your user account. Confirm via your email and start using the apps.

At the first use we will be faced to a screen of interest category such as DIY, photography, organic, books, etc. Here we can choose what we really want to see in the future the moment after we start using this application. Once you're done with the category selection then you'll get a home page where it shows pictures of what you're interested in.

For instance, I have made a badge called Hairstyle Guide which will be fulfilled by pic of many guys showing us their heavenly awesome hairstyles. As you can see below:

Mobile application view

Web browser view

All these pictures are not mine. These are the pictures other accounts have shared and we like and it's saved in a folder with a name that relates to what pictures will be included inside this folder or badge.

Another feature of Pinterest is that we can also use this application as the social bookmark of our pages. Let's say I have just published a post in this blog with a beautiful picture. I can share the picture to the interest and once other user click our picture on Pinterest, the user will be automatically directed to our pages and then we gain traffic.

The visit button will direct us to the source page.

The visit button will direct us to the source page.

Also there is a You tab where all the notifications relate to our account will be notified here. Someone likes your badge, someone follow your badge, and someone likes a picture or badge; all we'll be informed and you'll be aware of it. Also special tab for messages from friends and news from badge or account you follow will be available here.



Recently my classmate will get married on December this year. She wants me to having part in making her pre-wedding photos but not kind of mainstream photos. She wants something new or no one ever use the poses, especially in Indonesia. So here it is my Prewed Ideas badge.

Prewed Ideas badge.

Prewed Ideas badge.

I can say that this application is really useful. It is place where you can find ideas and also save the video and also, the important one, can be categorized so every things are managed well. Use pinterest and you never run out of ideas.