Photo Editor, An ultimately powerful android photo editor I ever have

When it comes to the social media, I always think that it's all about expression. Everybody shares all of their thoughts online and can be seen by others regardless time and place. I like when looking at some of my high school friends sharing their new born baby. Believe me, I like looking at their innocent eyes. Lovely. But when it comes to the over expose, I'm
sorry guys, I should skip your beautiful life moment. Does not mean that I don't like it but I have other exciting things to see.

Speaking of photography, confession: I'm not the one who takes photo undeniably good. Oh, I guess it's not confession. Just a flat statement from a basic camera user. Though I know my photo is not good but I have my own way to make it better to be consumed by my follower on instagram. Photo Editor. That's it. I have installed this application since I had my first android smarphone.

Here's the icon of the application:

Photo Editor
You know where to find it.

And the list below are some of my edited photos. I wish you liked it.

I am sorry that almost of the photos above are only myself. Narcissistic? Probably.