MovieReview: Maleficent (2014)

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It's been long time since I posted the latest MovieReview: Disturbia (2007). Well, I come back with the whole new Disney's story: Maleficent. As I have ever read last year that this movie will be released on June 2014. And it's true. announced it on 1st June. The important thing that got me so excited about this movie is
, of course, the talented-the owner of the sexiest lips in the world, who else, Angelina Jolie.

This is the plot: while people used to know the story from the usual side, the Aurora side, this opposite story dig how did evil come to Maleficent. She was one of fairy lives in Moors, a magic kingdom located near to human's kingdom. When she was child there was a poor boy called Stefan who came to Moors to stole something. Then they become a friends until they grew up and Stefan leaved Moors to reached his dream: Live in Palace.

Maleficent lives alone in Moors. She likes to flying and exploring Moors alone. It was a full of peace life until the human kingdom sent Moors their forces. Moors didn't fell it was good to just stay calm, they fight back with Maleficent on the lead. Human kingdom was defeated.

The King knows that their losing was put on Maleficent's strength. So, he made a contest for everyone who can kill Maleficent will replace him as a King. It was such a right time for Stefan to realize his dream. He came to Moors and met Maleficent. Maleficent was sleeping when Stefan holding an iron to kill Maleficent, but He didn't really mean to kill his childhood friend. So all he did was cut Maleficent's wings and bring it to the King as a proof that Maleficent was murdered by himself.

Maleficent woke up and cry out when she knew her wings were not on her back. A fairy without wings is such a sad fact. Maleficent spent her days in a sorrow in Moors and everything there went so darker. One day she heard that King Stefan will celebrate his Princess birth with a wonderful party. All people will come to the Palace.

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Maleficent, even though she was uninvited, came to the party and gave Aurora a curse: "In her 16th birthday Aurora will be stick by a needle spinner and falling sleep like dead." And as a humiliation she stated that the Princess could be waken up by a true love kiss. Think that someone will fall in love with a sleep princess, it's almost impossible.

The little Aurora was sent to forest until she get 15 years old with the 3 fairies as her guardian. But the guardians are foolish and lazy at their task to protect her. It invited Maleficent to always watching Aurora from far. Never crossed her mind that it could be awaken her white side. Love cannot be stopped even by the strongest fairy in Moors, Maleficent. She tried to cancel the curse but it cannot be cancelled.

How this amazing story will end? Will the curse cancelled? And does the true love kiss really exist? You gotta visit your nearest cinema soon. It's now playing.

All I can say about this brand new Disney story is worth watched and it will rise a new trend: Dark Queen.

Here's the Trailer...

PS: I watched last Saturday night with half of my friend in college.