Happy New Year... (If I May)

Well, yeah... Here we go, 2014. A new year, a new hope, a new beginning.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Look, I know that it's so weird when The Real New Year, the real first of January, had passed away, I have been just beginning my first new year posting. But, like all normal people I do have my own reason why. Kind of much reasons I have, but actually big mouthed people are not always allowed to sound their voice in order to influence their way of thought. Their refers to not big-mouthed. Hit me! By trying to explain about big mouth, it seems like I have stated that I am the one of them. It spent much characters.

Enough for chit-chat and talking trash. You have been so wondering what will I post in this blog beside saying a late happy new year.

Everyone, I was spraying my room with an air freshener to every angles and when it was getting to my opened door...Gotcha... There you are...a cat was like close her/his(I do not know he/she female or male) eyes, mesmerized by the perfume smell and her/his tongue just like licked the air, trying to catch the taste of it which earth occupant know it is a bitter, sugar less. And just in a second his/her face fade away with a disappointed expressions.

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Hm... I am kind of a lonely guy with an unexpected life for now. I see Brittany S. Pierce has a cat. Will I get a pet? Should I?

This is it. Thanks.