Hi, Monday

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Well, everyone who thinks that Monday is a monster day, They are must be stupid people....And I am in it.

Who the hell who cares...

But I found something different when I arrived to my office this morning. There were four peoples show their smiles, I swear it was almost a laugh, when I opened the office gate, while on the other hand there is a statement like 'Employees begin to smile at 11 o'clock on Monday.' Dude, I was like you all when I did school stuffs.

Look, when I was at school I did really loved Monday. How come? Just so you know that I was the outsider of my school that it's located in a city, not a big city actually. I came from a villages, It took about an hour to get to school from my home if you are lucky enough. I know that my friends that their homes are definitely near from school felt so lazy with their routines.

I do believe with my theory that they had no awesome trip from home to school.While on the other side I could saw so much beautiful views from some public transportation that I went by. Look, the green color was so meant to me. The rice-field, I meant. Not only the rice-field, I was so excited with the passengers. I did a counseling teacher, 'Read Peoples'. hehe...

I got so much fun so far I wrote this unimportant post, my life flashbacks, school stuffs, and of course the craziest thing which I did with my sister-different-parents (bad compound)...who else? Hi, Elsawati Dewi. But, now I have so much jobs to deal with and the fact of it destroyed my good-tempered in a second.

I can not leave my "Thank you so much" to the guys who gave me smiles or maybe laughs. And the MonDay will always be Monster Day even while I was writing this last sentence I connected to "Money Day"?


  1. Lol, I usually call Monday as Money Day cause it's time to start looking for money with new way after I wasted them on the last weekend.

    1. Wow...wise woman...

      I believe that monday is the enemy of weekend...haha