What a hectic week...

Hard to to believe that I begin to love my life here. It's just suddenly rise in myself. I run this life fluently like always. Doing good and bad things with the same number. I think the life formula, that had gone, just trying to find me again. Or everything I do now is directing me to it. Ya, Alloh. I wish everything could be better now. Aamiin.

What a really hectic week it was. You know what? I spent three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until almost 00.00 o'clock for each these days. I learned about the Tivoli Network Manager. It's one of IBM product that has existence for handle the enterprise network with, of course, a complex network. Can you imagine for the local network like a small office I still got confused about how to solve the problem of it and now in my new job everything we do is for an enterprise network? What a nice compare.

From those three days. I really love the last. I joined a seminar about Double-Take software that enrolled by Virtus company as the member of CTIzone that took place in 25th floor of ANZ tower. The function of this software is how to replication our network in order to backup who knows will be there a fatal problem ahead. Such as down server, disaster damage or everything that can make it works unwell. Where when it's coming the company still have the backup. The seminar place is the launch room with a great decoration. Woods furniture and the yellow lighting make it's so warm and of course because of the high floor of it the view is so dangerously beautiful. The session was brought by an Indian-England people. It was all english. Sometimes I can understand what he spoke but another time I got losing control to focus my listening skill. I shoulda make my english better, better and better.

See the video below about the view...It's not mine. But I actually saw it.

ANZ Tower, Jakarta
As you read above. Surely, this week was so got me down, my body exactly. I felt it yesterday, Saturday. My neck felt so uncomfortable, it was pain. I got assumption that "Oh, maybe it just dehydration." So I rise up from my sit, intend to reach toilet where near from it there is a pantry I can get mineral, and my steps was so uncontrolled cause I concerned about my neck. And my vision was unfocused. I wish I didn't do something that can make people afraid of me. Yeah, I can do it. I got the pantry and drink some water to stop my dehydration. But i didn't work. So I pull the toilet door, come in, squat for several times with my vision still got unfocused. Oh, I see. It's not dehydration but anemia. GOD help me.

I tried to relax myself. Thought about how long I've been in toilet. Wishing it was not more that just 5 minutes. The better sensation suddenly rise in my body. Thank you, Ya Alloh. I got out from the toilet and walk carefully. Wish I didn't lose my balance. And yeah, I succeed to reach my chair and felt better.

Oh, my body. I'm so sorry. I've forced you to spent your energy over and over. Forgive me.